Bhujangan: What A Leader Means

Screen_shot_2013-08-02_at_6.18.13_PM.pngHi, my name is Jusneet Kaur Boparai. This was my second year attending the Bhujangan Kaur retreat. Last year we met at Shaver Lake and it was a great experience! I met wonderful girls and team leaders. We did workshops on how Sikh women affected "Sikhi" and how important they are. We did horseback riding and went hiking and got to know the girls and their experiences.

This year, it was a lot of fun. I got to meet my old friends from last year and made new ones. We always start off our camp with getting to know the girls. We did workshops on "what a leader means to you", what your values and traits are for becoming a leader. Of course, the fun part is the Horseback riding, hiking, swimming, playing games, making s'mores,  cookies, and working together as a team in preparing meals. As a family, we did Japji Sahib and Rehrass. Overall, it was an enjoyable camp. Every single girl left with knowledge and I can't leave out the team leaders ( Jothi, Navneet, Ruby, Prabhkamal, and Palvinder)! Not only did they make it educational, it was fun and entertaining! They are our role models and older sisters! I look forward to next year's Bhujangan retreat!

Jusneet Kaur is from Fowler, CA and will be entering the 8th grade at John Sutter Middle School.

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  • Jack Abd Allah
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    Thank you

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