Bhujangan: The Power of Sisterhood

Screen_shot_2013-07-29_at_4.23.47_PM.pngBhujangan is much more than merely a retreat over the course of four days and three nights with 15 young ladies. This leadership camp has truly managed to embody the strength, confidence, passion and eagerness to learn attitude of our next generation of Kaur leaders. Through my very first moments of exposure with the curriculum and those involved in making this event possible, I knew I was going to experience an adventure of a lifetime.

My official role within Bhujangan this year was that of a counselor, I managed to become a sister, mentor, friend, and home away from home for many young girls. I witnessed the power of sisterhood, leadership, values, and self-reflection and grew proud of every participant with each passing day. Besides the creatively structured workshops (which emphasized valuable traits such as self-respect, self-love, and self-expression), this retreat offered incredible outdoor activities, and a beautifully chosen camp site which allowed the young participants to explore nature without any limitations. Bhujangan has truly provided our Kaurs with the perfect environment to develop, grow, and thrive as they travel the journey of self-discovery and begin to understand that there is truly no limitation to the successes and accomplishments that lay ahead of them.

Ruby Kaur is currently working on her Master of Science in Counseling and Student Affairs in Higher Education at Fresno State.

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