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Bhujangan Committee


An opportunity to lead, inspire, and most importantly, learn from our Young Kaurs. The privilege of being a Bhujangan committee member and counselor allows for the opportunity to create dialogue with our younger sisters on a broad range of topics close to our hearts and pertinent to our everyday lives, especially topics not discussed in any other venue. We create a safe space for our young Kaurs to feel empowered, encouraged, inspired, and to channel that inner strength they've been born with as Kaurs. 


We'll be exploring the outdoors, having smores around a campfire, hiking through the local mountain ranges, kayaking through the local lakes, and even ziplining! A unique, once in a lifetime opportunity for our Young sisters. 


We explore self- confidence, body image, health, societal norms and pressures, Sikh history, Punjabi culture, political topics, movies  and music, social justice, and so much more. Bhujangan is all encompassing, because it allows you as a Committee member and counselor to shape the conversations you wish you could've had at the ages between 13-18. You have the opportunity to shape dialogue and bring forward new possibilities for these Young Kaurs!


This year we will be have ONE Bhujangan in California, if you are interested in helping putting together this event our young Kaurs APPLY to be part of the committee.  The apps for Bhujangan Committee are officially open! If you meet the qualifications and wish to be on the committee please click here to apply. Thank you!