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We can no longer be silent.  We can no longer be complicit.  We can no longer be complacent.

In our villages, in our Gurdwaras, in our homes, and even in our minds - the disease of casteism infects us.  This great injustice, apartheid, and tyranny must be challenged with the same spirit of truth and justice that our Gurus inspired.

Bhagat Ravidas Ji penned the immortal words and the Guru Granth Sahib has given us a vision of the future.  That future is Begampura.  There is no fear, no loneliness, no misery, and no second or third class citizenry.  All are equal.

Pledge to "build Begampura" take a stand against the injustice of caste in our institutions, in our homes, in our friends, in our families, and in our minds!

Help spread the word by:

  1. Read the Shabad by Bhagat Ravidas and share information about Begampura with your friends and family!
  2. Take the pledge!
  3. Print out the placard - click here!
  4. Take a picture!  
  5. Upload it here and share on FB and twitter!  

It's a small step of awareness; it's a small step of educationg; it's a small step to take an individual pledge.

However, together we can do something great; we can begin to end this cruelty and tyranny.  We do not have to be complicit accomplices.  


Naysayers will say that an online pledge is meaningless; naysayers will say that the problem is too big and insurmountable; naysayers will try to preserve the status quo.  

To them we say: An online pledge is only meaningless, if you don't live it.  The problem is only insurmountable, if we ignore it.  Not taking a stand is also a position - it is condoning the status quo of apartheid.  

Take a stand, together;

together, we are the ones we have been waiting for;
together, we are the movement.

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