Announcing Iqbal Singh - Youth Center Director

iqbal.jpegWaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa
Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

Guru De Pyareyo,

My name is Iqbal Singh and I am humbled with the opportunity to serve Jakara,and more so the Sikh community as the Youth Center Director. I have been blessed to be a part of the Jakara Movement since 2007, and am truly indebted to the Jakara family for all of the love, support, and guidance it has provided me.  From a shy high school volunteer to a more confident collegiate coordinator to finally a director of the youth center, my own evolution has been tied to the opportunities and generosity the Jakara Movement has provided me in developing myself as a Sikh and as a man.

I remember the very first Jakara Juniors camp I attended as a volunteer.  Still a bit unsure as a high school junior at Central High School, I was most interested in just getting 'service-learning' hours.  Little could I expect how much my life would be transformed that day.  Soon I would not only be volunteering, but actually leading and planning Jakara Juniors Camps in Fresno.  When I left to UC Davis to complete my undergraduate degree, I continued my involvement in Sacramento and facilitated at the annual Lalkaar conference.

Now returning back to Fresno as the Youth Center Director I plan on providing the youth with a nurturing environment in which they can hone their academic skills, and connect to their Sikh roots. I have worked closely with Sikh teens for the past seven years, during which time I have gained insight on how to better connect with the youth. The high school years can be a time of awkwardness and even alienation from community.  I hope to help present a different path.  I am humbled that while I make another path possible for the Sikh youth of Fresno, I will also continue to learn and refine my skills to serve the needs of the entire community.

The Youth Center has become a reality due to the countless hours of service provided by my fellow sevadars. I plan on paying homage to their tribute by providing whole-hearted seva (than, man, and dhan) and dedication to the Sikh youth.

In eternal optimism (chardi kala),
Iqbal Singh

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