Winter in Fresno

Screen_shot_2013-12-28_at_3.28.03_AM.pngDuring these winter days, we hope you spend time with your family cherishing both them, as well as learning about events from our history.  On December 26th, we remember the two chotay sahibzadas - Sahibzadas Zorawar and Fateh Singh.  Standing with their grandmother, Mata Gujri, on the Thanda Burj in that cold winter night, they promised their lives for truth.  In their spirit, let us commit ours to compassion, generosity, and conviction.

We hope you will join us as we celebrate them, during the winter days.


  • WHY? Launched earlier in 2013, in honor of Baba Piara Singh, we will be connecting with our Central California non-Sikh neighbors by connecting with those that lives around our Gurdwara.  The Selma community has been home to the Sikh community and Selma Gurdwara for years.  The neighbors always welcome us during our annual Vaisakhi Nagar Kirtan.  Join us as we share food with them, and hand deliver pizzas to over 100 neighborhood families and invite them to an open house at the Gurdwara.  This week-long event is open to ALL.  Come out! 
  • Tuesday (January 7, 2014) - we will be meeting at Selma Gurdwara at 5:30pm and breaking into teams.  After a brief meeting, we will be introducing ourselves to the neighbors and handing them flyers announcing that we will be baking them a special pizza.
  • Wednesday (January 8, 2014) - we will be meeting at Selma Gurdwara at 5:30pm for a discussion on the struggle of political prisoners in Punjab and the struggle that has caught the attention, following Gurbaksh Singh's recent actions.  The presentation and discussion is open to all!
  • Thursday (January 9, 2014) - we will be baking the pizzas at Selma Gurdwara starting at 12pm.  We need all help possible, cutting, baking, preparing and pouring their love and seva into each pizza.  We will then be delivering all the pizzas in teams, beginning at 5:30pm.
  • Friday (January 10, 2014) - we will end the week with an open house at 5pm for all the Selma community and neighbors to come and learn about what happens at the Gurdwara.  We will provide cha and snacks, and answer any questions that they may have.  Let's make connections and both learn and teach!
  • Location: Selma Gurdwara - 2211 Highland Ave; Selma, CA 93662
  • Call Sim at 559-779-4916 for more information


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