The Revolution Will Be Localized

In Gil Scott-Heron’s famous 1970 address, he stated – “The Revolution Will Not Be Televized.”  He continues to be right.  However, it will be localized.

Think global; act local.  So let's get started!

Although it was in 2005 that at the Jakara Movement conference (now called Lalkaar) that we collectively came up with the idea to spread the theme of the conference to our cities and local regions, now in 2012 we are making it one step closer to a reality.  In the past, Jakara Junior Camp committees came together to put on the event, but then soon dispersed.  Some cities were added, others dropped off.  Now is time for something different.

With our new Director of Programs adding a time commitment to see chapters grow and develop, we are now in a place to foster and nurture on-going chapters in every city.  From the young to those a bit older, we are asking all to reconnect and re-engage with us.

From seva opportunities and partnerships with local soup kitchens and conservation corps, from sporting events and mentorships, from Gurbani circles to young mothers groups, from health fairs to book clubs, we are dreaming big and hoping you can help make it even bigger.

There is a new stirring amongst the Sikhs in 2012.  From the spirit of Bhai Rajoana to the chardikala of our sangat in Oak Creek, there is a drive to reconnect with the Guru.  This is one such opportunity.

Find some more information on leadership opportunities here.  But most importantly, get in touch with us and make it happen in your community.  We’ll be there to help, support, nurture, and guide you from A to Z.  Let’s start it today.  The most important impact you will ever have is in your local community amongst those Sikhs and non-Sikhs around you.  The revolution will be localized!

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