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Summer Funding

Thank you for your involvement in Jakara's various summer programs. As you know, there are costs associated with everything that we do. We make our best effort to provide funding and scholarships to students who need a little extra help. This funding usually comes out of our budget and may take away from something else.

To help offset this, we are teaming up with a program that provides funding for summer activities like ours. All you need to do to help us out is fill out an agreement and provide an official document that contains the student's date of birth and home address. Acceptable documents include: transcripts, report cards, government-issued IDs and licenses.

Here's what you need to do:

  1. Download and fill out this agreement: Summer Funding Agreement. You only need to fill out the highlighted sections.
  2. After completing the agreement, fill out a separate Wufoo form here.
  3. On this Wufoo form, you will upload your completed agreement and a copy of the students' transcript, report card, or ID.

If you have any questions at all about summer funding, feel free to contact Harjit Singh at [email protected]

Thanks again for helping us raise funds to support our summer programs! Together, we are the movement!


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