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Sikholars 2015 | Fruitful Discussions

16551544701_481e3393f4_z.jpgJakara Movement hosts & sponsors a variety of events & one of them is Sikholars. Sikholars has the distinct honor of being the driving force in social impact & people empowerment. It presents at a pace as hundreds of sangat come together from all over the bay area, U.S & India. 
Guru Nanak Ji would be so proud. This year's Sikholars was jammed with the latest updates with hot topics range from Arts/ Media and Information Techology, Social Life of Sikhs to Guru Granth Sahib. This highly respected
conference has been a beautiful gathering with a myriad of both experienced & novice presenters. This is where many issues & subjects are addressed as well as encourages sangat to bring in their own tastes & opinions on various discussions. At the conference, it doesn't mean you can't come here just to hang out with your fellow sangat. It is the kind of place where you will want to sit & listen for hours.
16367305557_b96d93f659_z.jpgThis has been a real treat for me to attend the Sikholars conference. What a great place to start off the day. Even if you have no intention of coming, it's worth a peek to see what you may be learning.
Winnie is a working professional in San Francisco and an active member of Misl Bay Area. 

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