We are now accepting volunteers for Sikhiya 2019!

Click here to apply to be a Sikhiya Mentor. 

We are looking for young motivated individuals who can dedicate their time to help our young high school seniors and community college transfer students get to their dream university by helping ensure their application is the best it can be.  The mentors will be tasked with helping out during the in-person workshops hosted in different regions across California. If you are a mentor outside the regions we are located in you still have a chance to apply and help students remotely. 

Sikhiya applications for students will open on September 15th.

The Jakara Movement is pleased to continue with our program, Sikhiya - an application counseling service. Through this initiative, we aim to provide support, mentoring, and application counseling for individuals applying to undergraduate. Utilizing a network of Sikhs who are successfully pursuing masters degrees, JDs, MBAs, and doctoral degrees in most every field, our goal is to increase the overall quality of our applicants' profiles to promote Sikh representation in undergraduate education.

Gur Fateh,

Sikhiya Sevadars


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