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Sikhiya 2023

The Jakara Movement is pleased to continue with our program, Sikhiya - an application counseling service. Through this initiative, we aim to provide support, mentoring, and application counseling for individuals applying to undergraduate and graduate programs. Utilizing a network of Sikhs who are successfully pursuing master's degrees, JDs, MBAs, and doctoral degrees in almost every field, our goal is to increase the overall quality of our applicants' profiles to promote Sikh representation in undergraduate/graduate education.

This program is open to all students across the United States.  Through this program, students are linked with a mentor who helps them navigate the application process and aid in writing their personal statements.  Many of these mentors have either been recipients of Sikhiya previously or are long-term Jakara volunteers and know the challenges of applying to colleges.  We encourage all students to apply as soon as possible and get started on the application process. 

Sikhiya Student Application 2023 - Apply here  

Priority Deadline: October 1st

Regular Deadline: October 15th

If you are looking for help with your college applications for either undergraduate or graduate programs sign up to be a Sikhiya Student.  Through this program, you will be paired with a mentor who is experienced in the college application process and who will be able to give you constructive feedback on your personal statement and general application. Additionally, it will give you a chance to connect with a mentor who has experienced college/graduate life and will be able to provide insights and answers to your questions.  It will be your responsibility to follow up with your mentor regarding your college application needs.  You will be asked to attend at least 2 Sikhiya workshops that most resonate with you. More info to come.

Sikhiya Mentor Application 2023 - Apply here 

We are looking for young motivated individuals who can dedicate their time to help our students get to their dream university by helping ensure their application is the best it can be.  Mentors will be paired with 1 or 2 students and will help them with their application needs.  It will be the responsibility of the mentor to follow up with the student regarding their needs.  If available, mentors may also be asked to help out during virtual workshops hosted over Zoom and/or in their respective regions in CA. Mandatory Zoom session on either October 10th , 7 pm pst or October 11th, 7 pm pst