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At the Jakara Movement, we hold value the principles of Sikhi.  On the path of the Guru, our principles are connected to the light of the that becomes manifest through the Guru Granth Sahib and the Guru Khalsa Panth.  We attempt to inspire through the Guru on the concepts of:

  • Simran - "Remember the Guru" - the remembrance of Naam comes through love of Gurbani.  Connecting youth to simran is at the forefront of our projects, campaigns, and events.
  • Seva - "Serve the Guru" - the path of the Guru is that of seva.  
gur kI syvw gur Bgiq hY ivrlw pwey koie ]1] rhwau ]
Gur Ki Seva Gur Bhagat Hai; Virla Pae Koi - Rahao
Serving the Guru is worship; rare are those [that discover this!]
  • Sangat - "Meet the Guru" - our access to the Guru comes through the Guru Granth Sahib and the Sangat.  Bhai Gurdas' vaars extol the power of the Sangat.  He writes:

swD sMgiq AsQwn jgmg nUr hY]
Sadh Sangat Asthaan Jagmag Nur Hai
In the Sangat, the radiant light [of Waheguru] shines bright.

 He then adds about the power of the Sangat:

piqq punIq krY jn BwvY ]19]
Pathith puneet karai jan bhaavai
The Sangat can make even the fallen - pure

  • Santokh - "Contentment with the Guru" - we seek to help our sangat, community, sevadars, and members find that peace, equipose, and contentment that comes through the Guru and creates the path towards true happiness.
kmrbMdu sMqoK kw Dnu jobnu qyrw nwmu ]2]
Kamarbandh Santokh ka, dhan joban thera Naam
Contentment is my belt [support], Your Name is my wealth and youth. ||2||
  • Shahadat - "Sacrifice for the Guru" - The wonder of the Shaheed and those willing to sacrifice in witness of the glory of the Guru inspire us and press us to be the best Sikhs that we can be.
jIau ipMfu Dnu iqs dw hau sdw sdw kurbwnu ]3]
Jio pind dhan this da hao; sada sada kurban
My life, body and wealth are Yours. Forever and ever, I sacrifice [myself] ||3||

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