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2023 PBA Summer classic

Welcome to the homepage for 2023 PBA Summer classic: our local Sikh Basketball Tournament .

This is going to be HUGE. Jakara Movement, and the PBA will be hosting a basketball tournament. From August 12st - 13th at the Fresno State Recreation Center, join us for the tournament. Spectators welcome! Details on the tournament and to sign up your team can be found below. Can't wait to see you there!

Saturday, 8/12/23 & Sunday, 8/13/2023 8am - 5pm
Fresno State Rec Center
5010 N Woodrow Ave Fresno, CA 93740 United States

All players must be of South Asian descent.

South Asian eligibility refers to the various ethnic communities that trace their ethnicity within the modern day borders of Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and the Maldives. If you can trace 25% of your ethnicity to fall within the above mentioned countries– you are eligible to participate.

Example: Players who can trace their ancestry to the region of Panjab which now lies within modern day Pakistan and India- are ethnically Panjabi, and therefore fall within the greater classification of South Asian. This includes diasporic communities such as the Fijian community which left South Asia- but still ethnically identifies with South Asia through their cultural practices, and still has 25% South Asian ethnicity.

If asked to show proof of ethnicity one must provide proof, If a player cannot produce proof, then he or she will not be allowed to play.

Here are valid sources of proof: Driver's License, Passport, Birth Certificate. *COPIES WILL NOT COUNT AS PROOF*

All other rules will be PBA rules and you can view them by checking out their website.

There will be two brackets:

Open Bracket is closed!!


18 & under bracket is closed!!

If you have any questions, please contact:

Tajinder Singh 
[email protected]



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