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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When does the conference start and end? 
A: Registration will be on Friday January 13th from 5pm-9pm and the conference will conclude on Monday around 12pm. All participants must arrive by Friday January 13th by 9pm for check in and ice breakers. 

Q: Can I attend parts of the conference?
A: Due to the program of events and workshops at Nishaan, all participants are required to attend the conference in its entirety. 

Q: What's the schedule for Nishaan?
A: We begin our days at 8am sharp and will end with evening activities at about 10pm. For those who will be commuting (if you are local to Fresno and wish to stay at home) please be sure to arrive on time and be picked up once evening activities are over.

Q: Will transportation be provided?
A: You're in luck! We'll be coordinating rides from many cities (Fresno, Bay Area, Livingston, Stockton, Yuba, etc). If you're not from one of these cities get in touch with us and we'll figure something out!

Q: How do I know I got a scholarship? 
A: We will be evaluating all applications and once we have looked at yours, you'll receive an email that confirms your registration. 

Q: How do hotel accommodations work?
A: On the application you are asked your preference for roommates of the same gender. There will be 4 participants per room and once we are closer to the conference you will receive an email with information about your roommates and what you should plan to bring.

Q: Let's be real, will I have fun?
A: Being completely real: yes you will! Nishaan, like all of Jakara Movement's programming, is all inclusive and we know how to balance fun and learning. With a range of workshops, discussions, guest speakers, and evening activities you are sure to have a good time at the conference. 

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