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photo_copy_5.JPGTo connect as a sangat and to reflect on the Oak Creek tragedy Misl MN planned a Gurdwara Clean up event the day before the one year anniversary. We got the Gurdwara board involved and also spread the word through announcements to the sangat. We anticipated a lot of people to get involved but we were surprised at the lack of involvement the day of. Many were either in a hurry to grab langar or go home.  It took a while to get everyone together. Despite this we kept trying, we started grabbing youth, which then would spread the word to other youth. We ended up with a group of 4 which led to 8 which then led to 10. We started by cleaning the windows inside and outside followed by picking up any trash around the Gurdwara. The kids just started coming, asking for what more they can do. We were surprised at this reaction, in the end something hit me. I asked them "how was it?" many replied with "it was hard work." I didn't expect much more, but then they kept talking. One said "even though it was hard, I feel so happy and just good right now." Then was asked "if I do seva everyday would I feel this way all the time?" I was at a loss for words, kids who were as young as 6 years having this reaction was amazing.  After all the hoping and wishing more of the sangat would get involved, I realized that we had impacted these 10 kids in so many ways. Not only were they able to hang out with their friends they were able to do seva and have an great experience.



Ruppa Kaur is Misl Minnesota's Co-Director.  Misl Minnesota also recently held their first Jakara Juniors camp.  

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