My first Jakara Juniors volunteer experience

Jakara Juniors was a very memorable experience for me and my fellow classmates. Being a part of this camp was an amazing opportunity that was offered to us. This camp did not only teach me about my religion, but also the importance of an individual to stay in touch with one's religion and people. Throughout this camp, I learned that many children are unaware about their religion and do not know much about it. I and many of my classmates had the opportunity to teach these children about our religion and about the Gurdwaras.

14039424298_6ac9a7ab72_z.jpgTo educate children, we took them to different parts of the Gurdwara such as the Darbaar Hall, the Langar Hall, and the Nishan Sahib. The children were taught the importance of these places and why they exist. Many of them were surprised to find out what each place represents. After this, we did activities with the students such as drawing the parts of the Gurdwara, translate a vaar, and ask us any questions they wished to ask. All the small activities engaged the children and it was a fun experience for everyone.

At the end, everyday played a game of Jeopardy which had questions related to what the students had learned. Everybody enjoyed this part and all children were involved in the game. I saw a huge progress in the children answering the questions as I saw in the beginning of the camp. Not only the children, I, myself learned a lot through this camp. I would be honored to be a part of another camp like this. It was a knowledgeable and memorable experience for me.


Poonam Kaur is a senior at Livingston High School and an active member in getting Misl Livingston to be established.

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