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Lalkaar 2017

Lalkaar_Committee-1_(2).pngBeing the longest running Sikh conference in the US, Lalkaar is one of a kind. It creates a platform where difficult, thought provoking, and inspirational conversations. This year we will focus our attentions towards:

Building Begampura:Confronting Caste.  

Our Sikh youth come together and create a forum in which these conversations flourish as we expand on and openly discuss issues that affect us as individuals and as a greater Panth. What brings our Sikh youth back to Lalkaar year after year since 2000? Now into its 17th year, the longevity of the conference speaks for itself. Join us as we continue these vital conversations. 

This platform takes courageous and passionate individuals to contribute to its success. Apart from the great effort and dedication needed in order to plan each logistical detail, structural workings, content, and so much more, there takes immense dedication in carrying the Conference through on the crucial 3 days of valuable conversations. If you've seen the great successes of the Lalkaar Conference as an attendee or as a Facilitator, join us again this year as Lalkaar 2017 Facilitator. (As a Facilitator at Lalkaar Conference 2017, your attendance is required from June 21-June 25, 2017). Being a Facilitator means you become a crucial component in the success of the Conference with the most immediate interactions with the attendees and carrying out the content to its greatest potential. (It is a mandatory requirement to have attended Lalkaar Conference in order to apply to be a Facilitator!) As you continue with the Jakara network, you will connect with the countless many who have contributed to Lalkaar, allowing for you to gain not only meaningful connections, but also the access to resources such as Letters of Recommendation, careers opportunities, to name a few. We look forward to your application. 


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