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Get to Know Our Neighbors

After the catastrophic event that occurred this past Sunday to Sardar Piara Singh, I was devastated and wretched. But in reaction to this event, Misl Fresno and the Sikh Community of Fresno took action and planned a, “Know Your Neighbors Event” on May 13th. This event was planned to go out to our neighbors around the Gurdwara and pass out pizza and invite our fellow neighbors to come to the Gurdwara and educate them about Sikhism.

            The “Know Your Neighbor Event” really challenged my abilities to face a new situation to react to those that I thought I could not face due to social status and the area they lived in. In addition as we walked down the of North Ave, having dogs barking at us, and watching people stare us down was a bit scary, but after visiting my first house that I delivered pizza too, gave me a whole different feeling about who these people initially are. What I mean by this is, going up to the first family and hearing their thoughts about the event was truly a blessing because they were apologizing for what Gilbert Garcia did because as their own community they were affected, and no community would ever want that to happen to any human being. They were saying “sorry” and thanking us that we were inviting them and were really happy and one person said, “Your My Brother From Another Mother”, which I was happy to hear. This event really made me connect with other ethnicities out there, share our stories about what happens in there and in our culture. We have seen this kind of event that happened to Piara Singh occur in many different places but as a Sikh Community, if we do not take action for what occurred and stand up when we will get JUSTICE for hate crime acts that are happening to any community out there.

            In addition we have invited all communities throughout Fresno to come to an open at Gurdwara Nanaksar on Cherry Ave, and take a tour around the Gurdwara and get to know one another.

Get to Know Your Neighbors, come and join us on Tuesday May 21st at Gurdwara Nanaksar. We Hope To See You There!


In Chardi Kala,

Jovanjit Singh Rakkar

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