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Apply by December 26th to be considered for the second year of the Jakara Fellowship.

The Jakara Movement is excited to announce a new fellowship program, open to current college and graduate students! The Fellowship aims to provide Fellows with a platform and access to resources in order to design, implement, and evaluate yearlong projects. The Fellowship is a one-year interdisciplinary program focused on projects that address the unmet needs of the community and are centered around direct services.

Applicants are highly encouraged to be creative in designing their project. This Fellowship aims to promote diverse projects that keep in mind the principle of sarbat da bhala, the Sikh value of the welfare of all. We’ve established this Fellowship in order to seed projects designed with the understanding of the root causes of social injustice, which can be implemented in local communities to provide innovative solutions to pressing issues.

Upon completing this Fellowship, the hope is that the fellow will walk away with a greater investment within one's own local community as well as a larger Sangat, by investing time and resources in assessing its needs and providing concrete solutions. If you, or someone you know, would be interested in applying for this Fellowship, you can apply here: https://jakara.wufoo.com/forms/jakara-movement-fellowship/. As an applicant, you will be required to provide an initial description, purpose, and budget for the project you have in mind. Whether you are interested in implementing a project relating to mental health, engagement with our elderly, or something else, we encourage you to design projects with the purpose of uplifting your local communities. 


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