A Change of Heart at Bhujangan Fresno

IMG_1971.JPGWhen I first heard about Bhujangan I wasn't too keen on attending the camp because I thought it would be nothing different from the Punjabi camps I had attended as a child. When I heard about the kayaking and hiking however, I was more thrilled about going. Once I got there and got to spend a few days bonding with and getting to know the rest of the girls at Bhujangan, my initial thoughts about not liking the camp faded away. Over a short weekend I had so much fun with my newfound sisters. We ate together, did paath together, and found strength in one another through our stories. Our older penjis gave us very valuable lessons and techniques to keep in mind and reflect on. The workshops were very helpful and necessary for us American Punjabi youth. I'm so glad that I was able to attend Bhujangan and gain so many new sisters and experiences out of the camp.


Amrita Kaur is a high school student in Fresno, CA. This was her first interaction with the Jakara Movement and we are excited to see her be more involved! 

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