Bhujangan: Reflections from a Second-Year Vet

Screen_shot_2013-07-30_at_5.46.48_PM.pngI am a two-time camper at Bhanjangan and have had a positive experience both years. This year, in particular, the theme of the camp expressed the importance of self-love, a comprehensive word for self-esteem and confidence. Understanding the necessity of this self-love is crucial as it can lead to a greater awareness of oneself. The counselors drove home this idea and made it possible for the campers to find that confidence. Furthermore, this theme was connected to and furthered by a shabad that we analyzed together, gathering different perspectives on its meaning. We also talked about integrity as well as the values that we individually deemed important, such as respect, responsibility, and fairness, and how those values can affect the way we view life.

Screen_shot_2013-07-30_at_6.14.38_PM.pngAnother topic we explored was leadership. Each of us found out our personal style of leadership, whether it be commanding or supportive or even creative or structured. To exemplify the importance of leadership, the counselors taught us about the many Sikh, female leaders in our history and how they each contributed during their time. The discussions and classes that we took at the camp were not only helpful but vital in developing our identities.

Although the camp was filled with educational segments, we also participated in many fun, extracurricular activities that helped us get to know one another. We went horseback riding, boating, swimming, and hiking. We also played many games together, like soccer, volleyball, and some indoor games. The view at the camp and the national park were incredible and really instilled a sense of peace in everyone. At nighttime, we gathered around a bonfire, made s'mores, and told stories, which really helped us come together as a group.
The counselors at the camp were really supportive and open. They could relate to many of the campers there which made the atmosphere much more comfortable. Overall, the camp was a real success and I encourage others to attend.
Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh.
Simrath Kaur is from Fresno, CA and will be an entering freshman at UC Berkeley in the fall.

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