Bhujangan: Aapna Mul Pachhaan

Screen_shot_2013-08-01_at_11.24.18_PM.pngThis was my second year volunteering at the Bhujangan Kaur Leadership Camp. Before the retreat started I was both nervous and excited. Nervous about the unknown and excited about all the activities we had planned and the content we were going to present. While reading through the content I thought to myself, “Wow, if only I had known these things as a teenager, life would have been much easier.” I was looking forward to the girls doing these lessons and really learning more about themselves so they can make better and sound decisions.

The workshops we did included, redefining what leadership is and identifying our own leadership styles, identifying values and what it means to have integrity with our values, defining a Sikh’s definition of beauty and lastly and most importantly self-love and being true to yourself.

Many times phrases are thrown out such as “love yourself,” “self-respect,” “you’re a good leader,” “what are your values” and “she has low self-esteem.” I always wondered, what does that mean, or how can I “love myself.” I believe this camp really answered these questions, by not just repeating the phrase but really delving into what these terms are, why they are important and how to apply them. I know all the girls can answer these questions too which makes me very happy. I am happy that the girls are learning all of this now and not 10 years from now. 

The theme shabad really drove all these concepts home. “Man tun jot sarup hai apna mul pachhan.” Getting to know yourself, your values, your worth, and recognizing the jot  (infinite light of your own being) that is within you and within everyone else will always be the most beautiful thing that I will witness. This Bhujangan Camp was a beautiful experience for me.

Although Jaskiranjot (Joti) is flying away from Misl Fresno, she will be helping with Misl Bay Area as the former Marine gets ready to start her fall semester at UC Berkeley. 


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