Adhhaara 2014

My experience at Adhhaara was truly unforgettable. Being new to Jakara, I wanted to gain insight and advice on how to organize events for Misl MO. Everyone was extremely welcoming, and I immediately felt a sense of community. The weekend consisted of a series of workshops and group activities that refreshed our thoughts and sparked our creativity. I learned a great deal about almost every aspect of organizing an event, from tabling at the Gurdwara to planning Lalkaar. Also, the Diwans reconnected the group every morning and evening. There was a mutual understanding that did not need to be spoken of, which I really appreciated. The appropriate infusion of Gurbani throughout the weekend was another example of this. The weekend began with a “theme” shabad, which we were reminded of each day. I cannot wait to begin planning future Misl MO events, as well as organize Lalkaar Midwest with Misl MN. I hope to attend Adhhaara next year with a variety of events to speak about, and to learn from my Jakara community!

- Gurpreet Kaur, Misl St. Louis

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