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Adhhaara is a word that comes from Gurbani that means 'support.'  It has multiple contexts that are applicable to us.  From the Mundavni of the 5th Nanak in Rehraas, we learn that in this thaal (Guru Granth Sahib) along with three other components (truth, contentment, and reflection) is Naam.  Waheguru (Thakur) has placed this Naam that gives adhhaar (support) to all.  The third Nanak, Guru Amardas, challenges us that seva is the very breath that gives adhhaara (support) to the Gurmukh.  And the fifth Nanak, Guru Arjan, reminds us that it is in the Sangat (community) that one obtains adhhaara (support).

With this in mind, in 2012 we launched our leadership retreat: Adhhaara 2012: Vision 2015.  Last year's participants left with a vision of the future - one where with the support of their sangat they could make a lasting difference as individuals and a community.    

This year, at Adhhaara 2014 active volunteers will engage in workshops and discussions that will strengthen their individual and collective leadership.  

We invite our vafadars, hisaydars and misl council members to join us September 25-28th for Adhhaara 2014 - register today!

This event is invite only, if you have questions about how to become a vafadar, hisaydar or council member, please contact Ravneet Kaur: [email protected]

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