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Soojh (ਸੂਝ): Becoming Aware

April 7th-9th, 2017

While targeted at Sikh students, all collegiate students, of any or no religious background, are invited to apply to be part of this exploration over Spring Break 2017. Soojh is an experience in service, advocacy, learning and spiritual reflection in Sacramento, California, from April 7th-9th, 2017. Participants will begin discussions to prepare for the trip, exploring the apartheid that is ignored in plain sight - the issue of caste.  We will be reading literature by some of the leading thinkers on the subject prior to the event, will be visiting the Guru Ravidas Gurdwara in Rio Linda, CA, and sitting and meeting with members of the sangat. The goal is for an in-depth understanding that goes beyond theological assertions, to understand the way that this apartheid takes away from our own humanity.  We will explore the goals of Baba Nanak in light of the reality that continues to fester in our villages, towns, homes, and even hearts.  We begin this journey together.

In the Sacramento area, we will be partnering with the leading human rights groups that strive for justice and dignity, including OFMI (Organization for Minorities of India) and the Dr. Ambedkar Sikh Foundation

Registration for the trip will be $60 (inclusive of 2 nights in a shared hotel room) and is open to those ages 18+.

Contact: Deep Singh at (559) 647-4700 |

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