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    Know Your Neighbor - Livingston

    With hate crimes on a rise, I think it’s crucial for all of us to come as one to raise our community profile, create real interactions, and build sangat through initiatives like the Know Your Neighbor. The first time we had the Know Your Neighbor event was in Fresno when Piara Singh ji was beaten for simply being a Sikh man. To put an end to such ignorance, our Sikh youth got together to educate their neighbors about Sikhs. Just recently, similar hate crime took place in Kent, Washington. A Sikh man was shot in his arm and was told to go back to his country. I was at the Stockton Gurudwara when I first heard about this. I was furious and wanted to have the know your neighbor event in our local community before such incident took place in our area! Livingston High School’s Sikh Honor Service Society’s members came together with Merced College’s Jakara Movement Club and had a Know Your Neighbor event in Livingston from March 9th to 11th. 
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    Announcing Jasmin Kaur - Central Valley Intern

    Waheguru Ji Ka KhalsaWaheguru Ji Ke Fateh I am more than honored to be your Northern Central Valley Community Organizer-Intern for such a Gurmat-inspired community building organization. Although I was born here in the Central Valley, I spent my first few years growing up in Punjab. Going to a Christian school early on didn’t allow me the opportunity to learn and connect with my roots of Sikhism. It wasn’t until I attended Jakara Movement’s annual Sikh Conference Lalkaar, where I had the opportunity to attend workshops and have open discussions among peers on topics that we normally don’t discuss in our community or even among our families. The whole experience led me to start Jakara Movement’s chapter at CSU Stanislaus. 
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