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    Food Bank Seva

    This was the second time I volunteered at the Sac Food Bank with my peers. This time we volunteered at a different location and helped through different tasks. My task was to make bags of  light bulbs and distribute them to the people. My peers worked in truck, they bagged dairy products. It was interesting working along other people from different locations. The other task I did was bagging the appropriate squash. Some of the squash was ruined so as I bagged the squash I had to analyze and toss the bad squash away. Later, I unfolded the boxes. As other volunteers distributed the food items, it looked like a mini farmers market. Overall, this experience was great because we got to meet new volunteers as well as contribute by using our skills. Manpreet Kaur is an active member of Misl Sacramento and the Sikh Honor and Service Society. She is a junior at NP3 in Sacramento. 
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    A Different Outlook

    Joining the Sacha Sauda Seva was one of the events that have changed my entire outlook on and attitude towards the life. Before I used to think that every human being on earth is capable of taking care of his or her self. But when I went to the very first event Misl Bay Area, Sacha Sauda in February, I saw the reality, which was painful to the eyes. Hi, this is Karan Singh. I’m currently living in Dublin, CA. I’m going to school full time for majoring in computer science and along with that, I’ve a part time job to support myself financially. My friends and I have been going to Fremont Gurdwara every Sunday night since last four years and helping there in seva at night. During the seva last year, I met Aman. Aman and I became pretty good friends in just a short time of period. Over time, Aman would tell my friends and me about Jakara Movement. In January when he first told about us their new Sacha Sauda event, I was very excited to team up and contribute in it. We ordered pizzas along with that we provided salad, drinks and bread. Then we went out to the location at Saint James Park in San Jose, CA. The moment we reached there, I was stun by seeing so many homeless people. Some of them are sitting on the grass bare feet; some of them are sleeping at the place, looking tired, starving for food. They have no idea when and where they will get food. When I looked in their eyes, they had some type of hope that they were looking for. As we started offering out the food, a big line of people was created just in seconds. As others and starting giving out the food, I’d hear out comments like “god bless you,” “thank you,” these comments made me feel like I’m blessed. We all were putting smiles on their faces and it was so pleasing to my heart after seeing that. I was very delighted and pleased after the event. I was feeling proud of myself after what I did the other day. I didn’t participate this event for money or because of my friends; I joined this event because I felt good from inside. It felt like I was doing something to help and change the society even though it was very little. Every change starts from little contributing from one person and I think Jakara Movement have started this change. I’d be so glad if this event continues for long time because it can provide help to the people out there who really need help. We did the same thing again on March 1, 2015 and it was incredible experience. Looking forward to contribute more in future to Sacha Sauda events. Karan Singh is an active sevadaar and member of Misl Bay Area.
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    Thursday, April 23, 2015 at 04:00 PM · 5 rsvps

    Misl Sacramento | Food Bank Seva 4.23.2015

    Misl Sacramento and students at NP3 High are committed to partnering with organizations in Sacramento to have a greater impact in the community. Join us on April 23rd for another volunteer session with the Sacramento Food Bank.


    Friday, May 15, 2015 at 06:00 PM
    Paaras Youth Center in fresno, CA

    Movie Night: Way Beyond Weight - May 2015

    Come one, come all, and join us for another movie night at Paaas. You bring the family, and we will bring the snacks(healthy of course). This week we will be showing Way Beyond Weight, this documentary covers questions and cases  about childhood obesity. This documentary covers many of the symptoms that children now have in common with adults due to unhealthy eating habits, some of which include; heart and breathing problems, depression, and type 2 diabetes. All of which are based on obesity. The movie will be followed with an open discussion about healthy eating and exercise techniques we can employ to develop a healthier lifestyle.



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