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    A breath of fresh air...

    During the Nishaan 2015 high school conference, I had the wonderful pleasure of serving on a team of excellent facilitators as well as being a guest speaker for a career panel. As facilitators, we had the opportunity to understand the pressures most of the participants may be facing as they approach college. We also were able to guide them in taking steps to minimize the stresses they may face while going through the transition from high school to college so that they can mainly stay focused on being a good student. I was impressed with how engaged participants were in interpreting Gurbani and being able to make the meaning of scripture as personal as they can for themselves. This helped the participants let go of the idea that the scripture can’t be ambiguous. During the career panel, I was able to speak about my experience transitioning from the military to community college and give the participants guidance on transferring to a four-year institute. Participants had the opportunity to ask a variety of questions to the diverse group of panelists, as well. I would describe the entire weekend as a breath of fresh air. It was amazing to see how engaged and determined some of the participants are. It was also nice to see them approach the facilitators with such eager and inquisitive attitudes. -Navpreet Sandher is from Merced, CA, a USMC Vet, yoga/grup fitness instructor, studying kinesiology, and a Bhujangi Youth Academy volunteer.
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    We Have a Dream - 2015

    Thirty years ago, a few brave Singhs and Kaurs stood before the might of the 3rd largest army in the world and in defense of our beloved Darbar Sahib said – “let them come.”  Their stand came as a great beacon of inspiration to millions of Sikhs throughout the world who stood as witnesses to this injustice.  While three decades has past, the Sikh still yearns for justice.  While guns have been placed in holsters, the weapon of the mind is our real tool.  On the eve of 2015, we stand with the great challenge that laid before our foremothers and forefathers of the Singh and Bhujangan (Kaur) Sabhas of the early 20th century. How do we transform our nation through a commitment to justice, seva, and new forms of social mobilization?
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    Saturday, February 14, 2015 at 08:00 AM · 8 rsvps
    Stanford University in Stanford, CA

    Sikholars 2015

    For the past five years, the Jakara Movement has created a forum for budding scholars and researchers, working on various projects related to Sikhs, to come together, share, and challenge one another. For the past two years, we have found a home with Stanford University’s Center of South Asia and have formed an engaging partnership.  Come join us this year for Sikholars 2015, a one-day conference on Saturday, February 14, 2015. 

    More details will follow-soon!


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