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    Palvinder Returns

    Now up to 6 full-time and 1 part-time staff members, we serve the needs of the Sikh community up and down the state of California and beyond.  Palvinder Kaur returns to the Sacramento/Yuba City region after completing her Masters in Public Health from the University of Texas at Houston.  Below this message you'll see her address to the community.
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    State of the Movement – May 2017 - Punjabi Zubane Zindabad!

    It has been some time, since I have last updated the sangat and while I owe an apology, it has not been due to a lack of work.  Since we last spoke, the Jakara Movement has some really important news to share.  Here is a snap shot in bullet form of what this email will cover.  If you're brave enough to get to the end, don't hesitate to share with me your thoughts and ideas. Jakara Movement Efforts to Demand Punjabi Recognition from Congress US Census will Recognize Punjabi in 2020 Growth of Punjabi Language in California The State of the SHSS - High School Sikh Life The State of the JMC - Collegiate Sikh Life Update from Soojh: Building Begampura and Casting out Caste Lalkaar Conference - 5 Reasons Why EVERY Collegiate Sikh Needs to Attend Bhujangan Kaur Leadership Retreat (July 13-16) Bhujangi Sikh Boys Academy (July 15-23) 4th Annual "Rise Above the Influence" Basketball Tournament (June 3-4) 5Rivers Scholarship Support Gurmukh Singh's Family 1984 Sikh Genocide Resolution in Pittsburgh, PA
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  • Upcoming events

    Saturday, August 19, 2017 at 09:00 AM
    Paaras Youth Center in Fresno, CA

    SAT Preparatory Class


    Welcome future college students! Before you attend a University that you have your heart set on, you must complete the SAT. Jakara offers an 11 week course, that will equip you with the right tools to attain a high score. This 11 week course is comprised of: 3 practice tests, 4 weeks of mathematics, and 4 weeks of language arts. The course is every Saturday starting on August 19th from 9 am to 2 pm. Please sign up as spots are limited!



    Friday, August 25, 2017 at 06:00 PM
    South Natomas Library in Sacramento, CA

    Misl Sacramento Discussion & Dinner August 2017

    Misl Sacramento will be having a discussion and dinner on Friday August 25th at 6pm. Meeting at the South Natamos Library for a discussion & will have dinner as a misl afterwards. We'll be discussing the current social and political climate and discussing what our narrative as Sikhs will be.



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