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    Oak Creek Candlelight Vigil 2014

    This past Friday Misl MN hosted a candlelight vigil to remember those lives lost at Oak Creek, WI along with the brave first responders and Lt. Brian Murphy. We wanted to focus this vigil not only on those lives lost but use this as an opportunity to stand together as a sangat and focus on ways to end hate, end violence, end discrimination, end bullying and focus on bringing peace, and keeping our sprits in Chardi Kala (high spirits).
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    Episode 12 -August 10, 2014

    Listen in on AM 900 KBIF 9-10pm PST Sunday Evenings Shabad of the day Guru Arjan, Guru Granth Sahib, p.723 quDu ibnu dUjw nwhI koie ] qU krqwru krih so hoie ] Thudh bin doojaa naahi koi; thu karthaar karah so hoi There is none like you, you're the Creator and all is due to you   qyrw joru qyrI min tyk ] sdw sdw jip nwnk eyk ]1] thera jor theri man tayk; sada sada jap Nanak ek you're the strength, you're my mind's peace; Nanak says always remember the One
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    Wednesday, September 10, 2014 at 12:00 PM through September 13, 2014
    Singh Sabha Fresno in Fresno, CA

    Misl Fresno - Know Your Neighbor

    Screen_shot_2014-08-11_at_11.29.42_PM.pngMore information will soon follow, as we are getting permission from the Gurdwaras that are interested in helping to promote this great event.


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