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    State of the Movement - December 2016

    We have so much big and exciting news to share that I wanted to give you a warning in advance for the length of this email.  I hope it'll be informative and interesting to you as it covers the state of your Jakara Movement, while touching on some of the interesting happenings for the California Sikh community in general.  Here is a snap shot in bullet form of what this blog will cover.  If you're brave enough to get to the end, don't hesitate to share with me your thoughts and ideas. Introducing Ramandeep Kaur - Our Bay Area Community Organizer! Gratitude for Amrit Kaur's Seva Now Hiring - 2 new community organizer positions (Sacramento/Yuba City and North Central Valley) Soojh - Building Begampura and Casting out Caste The State of the SHSS - High School Sikh Life The State of the JMC - Collegiate Sikh Life Nishaan - Make Your Mark and Why EVERY High School Sikh Needs to Attend Sikhiya - The Highs and Lows Paaras Sikh Youth Center (Fresno) - What's Stirring Now? Standing with our Muslim Brothers and Sisters - #NSEERS 1984 Sikh Genocide Resolutions Rolling Forward Standing Rock and Sikhs Why Haven't You Gotten in Touch? Holiday Sharing
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    NOW HIRING - 2 New Positions - Sacramento and Stockton

    2 Job Openings: Join the Movement as a Community Organizer The Jakara Movement with the Guru’s Nadir (Grace), seva of our volunteers, the baksh (benediction) of the Sangat, and the parupkaari (generosity) of the community is pleased to announce our fourth employment position.  We are seeking a Sacramento/Yuba City area Community Organizer AND North Central Valley (Stockton to Merced) area Community Organizer to help develop the gambit of Jakara Movement programs and chapters (misls).
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