SHSS Officer Action Items

Dear officers, please check this page frequently to see what needs to be done to ensure the success of your school's SHSS. We will be updating action items frequently and will message you in GroupMe when to check.

Action Items

  1. Sikh Heritage Week Nov 13 through 16 - here are the different activities we have planned for each day:
    • Tuesday: wear a blue/orange shirt; Gurmukhi - writing and history. Write people's names in Gurmukhi and show them the history of Gurmukhi
    • Wednesday: wear you shss shirt; Kirtan/gurmukh sangeet day - students playing instruments during lunch or bringing them in, bhai sahibs/family playing instruments, photos/video of instruments & music playing in back OR a mala making art activity
    • Thursday: wear a shirt with a cause (cancer, BLM, disease, women's rights, etc); Do Seva in the quad - make care packages & collaborate with other clubs)
    • Friday: wear Punjabi attire; Have a larger school/community event (maybe a talent show/film screening)
      Sikh Heritage Week is a big deal because November is officially Sikh Awareness Month in California.
  2. By Sunday 10/14/18, complete these task by the end of the day:
    • In your school's GroupMe, tell us:
      • your next officer's meeting. Harjit & Palvinder will be there so please schedule it to be during the following times: 
        10/15, 10/18, 10/22, 10/23, 10/29, 10/30
      • your next member's meeting
      • your events for this month
      • your Inductions date (YC Oct 19th, RV is scheduled for Oct 26th, and Roseville was last considering Nov 9th)
      • Ideal dates/times/location for Sikhiya personal statement/insight question help. 
      • Let us know the day, time, and place. If you have an event, also let us know the day, time, and place. If you do not have any events or meetings please discuss with officers to schedule. 
    • In the Master doc, please update these tabs by Sunday 10/14: 'Calendar-up-to-date', and 'Meetings'. 

      At this time, all the tabs in your Master doc should be updated.

  3. Roseville schools & anyone interested: please let us know by Sunday 10/14 if you and who from your school is interested in being a Juniors counselor. Officers: please add counselors from your school to this google sheet.
  4. Please have sent another remind by 10/14 for Sikhiya (the graphic and wording can be found on the SHSS Officers Sac/Yuba 2018-2019 Groupme)

  5. Please have sent a remind by 10/17 to all members about the Civic Engagement Internship
    More info:

**We have been quite flexible with all of you over the last few weeks and do expect you to communicate effectively. If we do not hear back from you by Sunday 10/14, we will have to enforce our strike system. 


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