Sava Saun (125) Sevadars for Sehajpal


Meet Sehajpal. Sehajpal was one of our young attendees at the Bhujangji Youth Academy this past summer. Things haven’t come easy for Sehajpal.

He’s been working at his parents’ store for as long as he can remember. He has anxiety; he has asthma; he’s been bullied; he hasn't always received the best grades.

But Sehajpal has heart.

The Bhujangi Youth Academy provides a space for boys to learn how to be men.  Sehajpal will be a great man.

Sehajpal mastered Gurmukhi in a week, far better than he did after a semester of third period Spanish.  He triumphed over his nerves and he did the closing Ardas for the camp, the first time in his life.  He conquered the infamous 10 mile “death hike” with the support and cheers of his band of bhujangi brothers.

Every Sehajpal needs the chance – maybe he is your brother, cousin, nephew, or even son - and we need your help to make sure they get it.

8033112698_4a945b1ac0_z.jpgThis year we provided 3 scholarships to make the program free, for families that would not have had the means to send their sons.  To make sure that the Bhujangi Youth Academy is open to all young boys (ages 14-17), no matter what the economic circumstance, we need your support.  

We are asking for SAVA SAUN (125) SEVADARS to stand up and give a donation – for any amount!  It isn’t the dollar amount that we’re most interested, rather building a community the supports sangat and seva.

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