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Giving Tuesday 2015

$540.00 raised
GOAL: $5,000.00

Nishaan is a three-day long conference taking place at Fresno State University that is designed to expose high school students to higher education, leadership development, and social justice through a Sikh lens. They get to meet mentors, big brothers/sisters, and other Sikhs that have gone through many of the same schools, issues, and even experiences!

You see, high school is a VERY critical time for kids as they are making decisions that will ultimately affect the rest of their life. That is part of the reason we are having this conference. It is truly incredible that 150 high school kids will be gathering, reflecting, and discussing issues of social justice within their own communities and what sort of impact they would like to make on the world. These kids will get a chance to meet a group of positive role models, mentors, students and professionals. More importantly these kids will have the opportunity to meet other students just like themselves from all over the U.S. and create a community amongst themselves unlike any other. It is moments like these that can change the course of their life. 

For those of you who are not Punjabi, this type of conference or gathering of Punjabi high school students from different cities, backgrounds, and class is unheard of. In fact it is the only conference of its kind. The Sikh/Punjabi community is a growing minority that faces many issues and challenges just as any other. It is important for the kids to realize how incredible they really are and help them reach their full potential. More importantly, only together, with the help of their community can they achieve this. We are trying to create that community, where people can rely on one another and trust one another. Currently for the most part this does not exist within the Sikh/Punjabi diaspora. 

While planning Nishaan, we have been trying to keep our costs as low as possible. However with the costs of meals, renting venues, providing rides, supplies and hotel costs we can only do so much. The current price already reflects a subsidized cost and while we have scholarships for kids to go we still don't have enough. 

No donation is too small, but we've come up with a few examples of how much it takes-

  • Donating $75 will sponsor ONE student
  • Donating $150 will sponsor TWO students
  • Donating $300 will sponsor a meal at the conference
  • Donating $2000 will sponsor a bus to bring 50 kids across California to the conference

How much will you give?

Generosity (parupkaari) and compassion (daya) are part of your DNA as a Sikh.  In fact, as Guru Nanak reminds us, dharam (religion/duth/faith) follows and is the son of compassion (dhaul dharam daya kaa pooth).  This is your chance to express it and please share with your child and others if you do, not to show off, but to encourage and model great acts to inspire others!

Let your friends know you've donated, and encourage them to do the same, by changing your Facebook banner to the one attached below: 




Who's donating: from Palo Alto, CA donated. Thank you!