Man Kaur's Inspiration

During Spring 2012, our Jakara Juniors camp focused on health, nutrition, and wellness.  We encouraged all Sikh children to be the Guru's Pehalwaan. We have examples of inspiring Sikhs that celebrate healthy minds, bodies, and souls.  Fauja Singh is the best-known, but he isn't alone.  Introducing Man Kaur! Man Kaur, aged 95, of Chandigarh took up running under her son's encouragement, 72-year-old Gurdev Singh.  Last year in Sacramento she received two gold medals in the 90+ age group in the 100m and 200m events. The Kaur Sprinter! Read more

Building Begampura: Confronting Caste

Caste is one of those dark secrets in our community.  Some defend it as “culture”, others downplay its discriminatory effects, and some go even as far as to blame the victims of the violence itself. Many have documented the ongoing apartheid that exists in our villages and in our minds. Some scholars have recently looked at the issue in light of the Sikhi belief in equality, but the existing practices of discrimination by Sikhs.  Professor Natasha Behl produced her dissertation, titled “The Politics of Equality: Caste and Gender Paradoxes in the Sikh Community.”  She began her research asking the simple question: How do ordinary Sikhs maintain a belief in equality while also participating in caste- and gender-based discrimination? How do Scheduled Caste Sikhs and Sikh women take political action in a community that engages in discrimination, yet denies its very existence? Read more

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