Sava Sau (125) Sevadars for Aman

Hey There!

aman.pngMy name is Aman and I’m 16 years old.  I think I am your typical teenage Punjabi Sikh girl that loves her culture, loves to do dance, and have fun.  I do well in school generally and of course take care of my little sister, when my mom is at work.

I live in a small farm town in Central California, so there aren’t always too many opportunities here.  I also have a strict mother, like many of us do.   So I was really really surprised the day, she said “Yes!”

Some of the older volunteers of the Jakara Movement came to my house, reassured my mom, and she let me go to one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had – the Bhujangan Kaur Leadership Academy.

kirpa_heart.pngHonestly, I loved it!  All of the discussions we had together were so motivational.   They made me feel so much better for myself.  It made me happy to know that I wasn't different   I used to always want to have that 'pretty face' a lot of times I was very insecure about myself.  I was happy that we could all share our experiences and struggles!  I'm so happy that I attended!  I hope every girl gets a chance to come!

bhujangan.pngYou can see my pictures and videos of those that became my sisters over the weekend.  I know it takes money to put on this event,  especially to help out those girls whose parents either can’t or won’t put up the money.  You can see the video that captures some of our experiences, but on behalf of one girl who grew, learned, and found herself – I can’t thank  you enough for sharing whatever you can to make this event a reality in every girl’s life!



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  • bob cat
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    TY :)

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