Friday Apr. 7th

5pm – Arrival at Sacramento
6pm -7:30pm – The Sociology of Caste
7:30pm – Rehraas, Dinner and End of Day

Saturday Apr. 8th

8-9am – Morning Divaan
9-10am – Breakfast
10-10:45am – Radicals, Rebels, and Reformers
10:45-11:30am - Caste beyond Punjab
11:30-2pm – Lunch and Travel
2-6pm – Guru Ravidas Gurdwara, Rio Linda with OFMI (Organization for Indian Minorities) and Dr. Ambedar Sikh Foundation
6pm – Travel back, Rehraas, dinner, and end of day

Sunday Apr. 9th

8-9am – Morning Divaan
9-10am – Breakfast
10-11:30am - Caste through Music, Poetry, and Art
11:30-1pm – Taking it to our Communities and Campuses
1pm – Lunch and Departure



The readings are difficult, but mandatory.  Struggle through them and do the best that you can.  The Behl reading gives insights into the differences between Sikh theology and Sikh sociology (our lives realities).  The Jodhka article provides a deep reading of the history and specificities of caste in Punjab and the way it differs with other areas in India.  The Hans article is by a Dalit writer and provides key insider discussion of the power and the failings of the Sikh movement.  There are many names so take some notes to make it easier for yourself.  The Harmeet Kaur article is based on her research with the Ravidasia community in New York.  The Dhanda and Sato articles are important for understanding caste in a comparative frame, since the most research on caste in the Punjabi diaspora has been done in the U.K.  Please print the mandatory readings AHEAD of time and bring them to Soojh.  We hope you enjoy them and look forward to the discussion and the questions you have.

Sociology of Caste Workshop:

 Radicals, Rebels, and Reformers

Caste beyond Punjab

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